British Longhairs




The British Longhair  may not be known to a lot of people but they have been in

 existence for as long as their Shorthaired cousins, in fact the BLH are the same

breed but with a longer coat.

They are born in the same litters as shorthaired kittens and can have two

shorthaired parents.


It is well documented that the LH gene was introduced into the British Shorthair

breed between the wars as the gene pool had become very small however as the

British Shorthair ancestry began with non-pedigree cats (Moggies) the longhair

gene was probably in the mix from the very beginning.


The Longhairs are basically the same cat as the Shorthairs for type & temperament the coat being the only difference, this should have much the texture as the Shorthair coat and should not be over long & flowing like a Persian coat .


At present the BLH’s are not a recognised breed within the main registering body in the UK - The GCCF but are recognised by other registries and in fact are very popular in Europe.



At the moment the BLH’s are being shown in the Pedigree Pet Section at GCCF shows however there are a number of breeders working together to get this beautiful cat recognised and take its rightful place alongside its Shorthair brothers & sisters on the show bench at GCCF shows.