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A kitten is sometimes not the suitable choice for everyone, be it your age, working life or maybe you may prefer an already settled cat.


Have you thought about having an older cat ? Sometimes a breeder might have an older cat available either a retired breeding cat, a cat who does not like living in a multi cat household or maybe a cat who has been returned to the breeder as their previous owner could no longer care for them.

No matter the circumstances these cats make excellent pets, being well cared for, up to date with their vaccinations and already neutered.


If you feel you are better suited to an older cat please get in touch as we may know of a cat just waiting to settle in with you & add some colour to your life.


NB. Please note that being an older cat they can take a bit longer to settle than a kitten but usually given 4-6 weeks they are well settled and used to your routine & surroundings,  they will love being the centre of attention.